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    Companionship Care

    Our at home Companionship Care service is available nationwide throughout the UK, it allows many older adults to live independent lives in their own home, with the support of an experienced carer. Although a client’s health may still be reasonably good, getting older is a part of life, and some tasks such as going shopping and cooking can become difficult which is where a companion care service can prove invaluable.
    Clients often employ the services of a companion carer due to social isolation following the loss of a loved one or family living a long distance away. No matter what the reason our Careful Choicesrs provide anything from company and friendship to assistance with personal care and household chores; a companion carer can make your life more comfortable and more enjoyable.
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    Tending to your needs.

    A Care Companion is able to provide practical assistance including everyday tasks – including meal preparation, shopping, cleaning and personal care.
    Your care companion will also be there for you when you’d like to be accompanied to a medical appointment or taken on a social outing.

    Bespoke Companionship Care Packages

    • Company – spending time with an individual to ensure that they are not left alone
    • Household tasks – ironing, cleaning, changing beds, etc
    • Managing personal routines – doctor appointments, family occasions, personal grooming and feeding, looking after pets, etc
    • Social events – attending social events, day trips out, etc.