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    Careful Choices – Retain your independence

    Careful Choices is a nationwide service that enables anyone who requires care including those with complex needs to remain in the comfort of the own home, with the support and assurance from a Live-In carer 24 hours a day.

    A realistic and affordable alternative to residential care that allows you to continuing living your life to the fullest where you are most comfortable and with those who make you happy including your pets, partners and friends.

    Careful Choices is flexible, providing live in support for as short or long a time as required. Get in touch with our team today to discuss homecare options and how we can support you to remain your independence.


    A Trusted agency designed around your specific needs.

    Careful Choices is a trusted, person-centred care agency that prioritises your needs above all else, providing experienced carers that allow you to maintain your independence. Registered with the Care Quality Commission, Live-In Care is a trusted and quality provider of at home care services designed around your needs.

    Your peace of mind, independence and happiness is our primary focus. Your needs will be tended to by our experienced team who fully manage your care package ensuring your able to remain at home safely and independently 24-hours a day.

    As an agency to ensure your peace of mind and safety, we follow a rigorous and high-quality procedure.

    • All our team are recruited through a rigorous process including an enhanced CRB check.
    • We are able to provide fully trained specialist carers who are able to support complex and critical conditions including Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia care.
    • Our team of carers are fluent English speakers.
    • All our team receive regular reviews and training that ensures we remain CQC compliant and allows them the support they need to carry out their role to the best of their abilities.
    • Every care package and carer is supported by our on-call support team who are on hand to ensure every client and carer is fully supported.
    • We can provide expert support and assurance when you come home from hospital (Hospital Discharge Care).
    • We can provide support quickly, providing experience carers within as little as 24 hours.
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    Maintaining your independence

    Careful Choices provide a bespoke service to every client, meeting their specific needs through our experienced team of carers who endeavour to offer every individual the assurance and support that is required.

    To ensure the best service for each individual, we follow a comprehensive approach so we’re able to offer you the exact support you require:

    • Face to face care assessments, to develop a bespoke care plan that meets your needs and wishes.
    • Regular reviews to ensure the service provided remains of the highest quality and adapts to your needs as required.
    • We always provide a person-centred approach, ensuing the service we provide is specific to your needs delivering a truly individual package of care that supports you to live your life to the fullest.
    • We provide regular updates and remain and communication with your loved ones, ensuring their peace of mind and involvement.
    • We provide a comprehensive range of services including personal support such as washing, dressing, and toilet /managing continence. Our team also support our clients with meal preparation, laundry tidying and more.
    • Our team support each client to remain socially active, including within the community and support clients whilst shopping and attending appointments.
    • We respect your social setting ensuring you can remain together with your loved ones and even offer couple care packages where required.

    Our services


    Care Homes versus Careful Choices

    Each option provides individuals with the care and support they require, but deciding which setting is best for you is a priority to ensure you are able to live your life as you wish.
    Many individuals choose to remain at home with the services of Careful Choices, preferring the independence, familiarity, and comfort it offers. Here is a guide to each service to help you decide which would be better for you.

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    Care Home

    Residential care homes offer support in a specialist establishment in which the individual lives for the remainder of their lives. Usually, those in residential Care have their own room and bathroom, although they have their meals made for them and would not typically be able (or expected) to cook for themselves. The amount of independence an individual enjoys will depend on the establishment and the state of the individual’s health.

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    Nationwide Live-In Care Services

    24-hour at home care services such as those Careful Choices provides offer a service bespoke to the needs of each individual in the comfort of their own home.
    In-home care allows clients to remain in their own house, avoiding the stress of a new and unfamiliar environment whilst allowing the individual to remain in control of their lives with the support of an experienced carer.

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    More than just remaining at home

    Careful Choices provides a bespoke 1-to-1 care package through experienced, well trained and vetted professionals whereas residential care homes may not be able to offer a 1-to-1 service sharing, instead the responsibilities of multiple clients to each carer. Live in Care is about constant, tailored and client focussed support rather than just short visits.
    Careful Choices ensures the clients health, comfort, and wellness above everything else. Treating each client as an individual ensuring they’re able to live their life to the fullest, with the assurance and support from experienced carers.

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    Get in touch with our team today to discuss if at home care from Careful Choices is right for you and discover how we’re able to support you to remain independent.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does live-in care mean?

    Live-in care means you have a fully trained carer living with you in your home. Your carer will support your specific needs and routine to help you stay independent and live life the way you want to.

    What can a live-in carer help with?

    A live-in carer will be on hand to meet all of your specific care needs and provide you with emotional support too. Your live-in carer can help with personal care, medication, household tasks, complex care and companionship.

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