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    Young Adults Careful Choices

    Supporting a young adult at home that requires care can be a massive undertaking, Careful Choices is here to support you providing an expert hand for you and your loved one, through expert care professionals. Sometimes it is necessary to arrange for a professional carer to help take some of the burdens away from you as a carer, as we know that every young person is different. Whether you require assistance with a disability or even to care for a terminal illness, our bespoke and person-centered care packages ensure that you can cope with every situation.

    Choosing the absolute best personal assistant

    • Care for younger adults
    • Care for terminal illnesses, disabilities, and other complex conditions
    • The care that always puts you and your needs first

    Personal assistants for young people

    Personal Assistants can provide support for younger people with a broad range of dependency levels and needs, in their own homes or while away from home in full-time education.
    Personal assistance provided to younger people tailored to their specific needs and often includes support with socialising, studying, and partaking in sport. At Careful Choices we support a wide range of individuals including those with a high level of dependency, where we are required to work hand in hand with health and social care partners.