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    Waking Nights by Careful Choices

    Careful Choices provide expert and attentive carers for waking nights care. A waking night care package may be the best option for you if you or a loved one wakes up several times throughout the night and requires support.
    Supported is offered for those who may need to change position or go to the toilet every couple of hours; the carer can help perform those tasks and more. During the remainder of the night when the client doesn’t require support the carer can undertake domestic duties such as laundry, cleaning as required.
    Support packages are kept under constant review, ensuring you receive the right support when you need it, adjusting the levels of support should your needs change. As well as waking night care, Careful Choices is also able to provide a sleeping night service. This offers you the assurance of a carer nearby if required, sleeping in a nearby bed that must be provided the carer will be available immediately when required.


    Waking Nights Home Care Help

    We understand the quality of sleep you get through the night can seriously affect how you feel the next day – Your health and wellbeing are our main priority, which is why our night care services are tailored precisely to your exact requirements.

    Waking Nights can benefit your health and wellbeing in a variety of ways, including:

    • Peace of mind for you and your family
    • Reassurance for those who have lost confidence at night
    • Support for regular medical needs throughout the night
    • Better overall health due to unbroken sleep
    • Comfort for those with progressive conditions such as dementia
    • Independence in your own home
    • One-to-one personal care through the night