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    Live-in care Wendover

    Live-in care is often the best solution for people who require frequent support for some ailments, even if they don’t necessarily need constant care.

    With a live-in carer, the support they require is there when they need it. Examples of this type of care include:

    • Personal care – Washing, going to the toilet, dressing, and undressing.
    • Household chores – Keeping your home the way you like it.
    • Getting out and about – Staying active, getting out of the house, and socialising.
    • Dietary needs – Planning and preparing nutritious meals according to your dietary needs.

    Essentially, a live-in carer is there to help and support you in any way necessary. Our live-in care services in Wendover are completely tailored to the needs of the individual. Following an initial assessment, we will draw up a bespoke live-in care package that will allow you to stay living in your own home whilst ensuring all your care needs are met.

    Live-in care is also ideal for anyone with advanced dementia who can’t be left alone, who has physical disabilities, or needs palliative care.